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 Basic strategy: DUELS

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Basic strategy: DUELS Empty
PostSubject: Basic strategy: DUELS   Basic strategy: DUELS I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 11:09 am

Basic strategy 101 version 1.4 written by Galen.

Duels are quite simply, exchanges of magical power through the use of spells. There are a set number of rounds within each duel. This number is dependent upon the level of the lowest-level player. To clarify, if a high level player attacks a low level, and they are used to 11 rounds of attacks, and the low level player is used to 8, the number of rounds in that duel is 8. If that low level player attacks a high level player, the number of rounds will still be 8. The winner of the duel is generally determined by whomever deals the most amount of damage. However if the other player is severely injured before the end the duel will end prematurely and will lose. Experience gained is dependent on relative levels of the players. If you fight someone lower level or equal you will gain 1 experience. If you fight someone 1-5 levels higher you gain 5 exp. If you fight someone 6 levels higher or more you will gain 10 experience. This experience is gained whether you win or lose, so if you wish to level quickly, fighting players who are 6 levels or higher is very effective.

You are able to attack every 10minutes as a non-premium and every 5 minutes as a premium. You have to wait at least 15 minutes before attacking the same player again. There is also no way to personally make yourself 'safe' from duels. The only mechanism in play to stop you from being attacked is either having no mana or you have been attacked within the last 15 mins, so being attacked after you just fought someone is not an uncommon occurrence.
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Basic strategy: DUELS
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