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 Basic strategy: SPELLBOOK

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Basic strategy: SPELLBOOK Empty
PostSubject: Basic strategy: SPELLBOOK   Basic strategy: SPELLBOOK I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 11:10 am

Basic strategy 101 version 1.4 written by Galen.

This is something which you should familiarise with yourself as it will be an intergral part of your journey. Here you can activate, deactivate and rearrange spells. Remember how there were rounds in a duel? The order of the spells in your spellbook determine what spells you cast in what round. You must have a minimum of 3 spells activated at any one time. In a duel, after the current order of spells have been cast, it then cycles through the order again. For example if you have heat, light healing and cold activated, your first rounds of a duel will look like this:
Light Healing
Light Healing

There are some things you should take note of though. You can only cast spells if you have the required mana. If, when the round goes to a spell which you have insufficient mana for, it will skip it and go to the next one in the list. It will keep doing this until it finds an activated spell which you have mana for. If there are no spells which can be cast you will just skip the rest of the rounds. Your opponent however is free to keep attacking until the duel is fully over. Thus later on it becomes very important to balance spell costs against its damage. For example, 1 spell may do 20 damage but cost 100 mana. 2 weaker spells might together do 24 damage and cost 80 mana. These are the sort of things you will have to consider.

You are able to purchase additional spellbooks for 500gems. This can allow for greater versatility as each spellbook has its own order of spells and will only activate in specific circumstances. For example you may have 2 spellbooks and find that you have a set of spells for when your coven fights, and another set for personal duels. You can have it so that one spellbook gets activated for coven fights and the other when you duel other mages.
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Basic strategy: SPELLBOOK
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