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 Basic strategy: COVENS

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Basic strategy: COVENS Empty
PostSubject: Basic strategy: COVENS   Basic strategy: COVENS I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 11:18 am

Basic strategy 101 version 1.4 written by Galen.

A coven is a gathering of mages under a single banner. A coven may be deemed Premium or Non-Premium. It is unclear still how many Premium members there must be for a coven to be considered premium but it is highly likely it is at least 4 or equal to or greater than 50%. There are various privileges a member can attain. There is coven elder, which apart from 1 thing allows them to do as much as any leader such as edit the coven page, accept or reject applicants and dismiss or promote/demote members. The 1 privilege that must also be given on top of coven elder is the ability to launch duels on other covens.. A normal member has access to the membership list and nothing else. The most important reason you would join a coven would most likely be to participate in Coven duels and Coven Adventures. Covens can range in size from 1 to 1 million, however most highly ranked and skilled covens keep approximately 10-15 members. There are a number of reasons for this, but an important one would be for co-ordination and advantage in battle. This will be explained below under coven duels.

Coven duels
This is arguably an integral part of a coven. Covens have the ability to launch attacks against other covens, thus utilising the combined strength of your coven and testing your skill against another. Only members who have been given the ability to start duels are able to initiate a coven duel. Covens are allowed to attack every 2 minutes, with a 15 minute retimer between attacking a coven that has been attacked and a 30 minute retimer between attacking the same coven. When you launch a coven attack, it looks at the total number of 'ready' members within both covens and sends the maximum number that can participate from the defending coven. This means that while you may have 100 members ready to fight, if the opposing coven only has 5, only your top 5 'ready' members will take part. On that note, in a coven's membership list there is an order of members. This order is decided by any coven elder. Members who are at the top are highly likely to take part in coven events, while those at the bottom are least likely. This is not to say that those at the bottom won't, it just means that it is entirely dependent on the number of enemy mages whether they take part, and the lower the number of enemy mages in a coven the less chance they have of participating. There can be a number of reasons as to the selection of the list. Some do it by level, others may do it by length of time in the coven, or perhaps just who you like/friends. I recommend you sort the coven list by strength and durability. Coven duels give 3 experience to both winners and losers. They also give a large amount of gold. High level covens can gain as much as 30000+ gold per coven duel (dependent on number of mages)
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Basic strategy: COVENS
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