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 Basic strategy: SPELLS

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Basic strategy: SPELLS Empty
PostSubject: Basic strategy: SPELLS   Basic strategy: SPELLS I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 11:15 am

Basic strategy 101 version 1.4 written by Galen.

There are 6 elements in this game: Shadow, Water, Air, Fire, Earth and Healing. Each element has 2 separate progressions of spells. When I speak of Majoris, I mean the collection of spells from 1-15 in the book. Minoris is spells 1-10. Each elements spell progression can be view in the following discussion pages:

Basic strategy: SPELLS Spell_necro

Basic strategy: SPELLS Spell_water

Basic strategy: SPELLS Spell_air

Basic strategy: SPELLS Spell_fire

Basic strategy: SPELLS Spell_earth

Basic strategy: SPELLS Spell_healing

To learn a new spell, you must have mastered (3/3 levels of that spell) the spell directly before it. For example, let us say you are a water mage. You have just mastered coldness and frost and when you level you learn you now you have two water spells to choose from; Snow attack and Hail. These 2 spells both lead onto their respective paths. If you wish to learn the spell after Snow Attack, you must master Snow attack and then the next spell (Ice ball) will be unlocked. Mastering Hail on the other hand will not unlock Ice Ball or any other spell which comes after snow attack, but instead has its own list of spells (Flood would be the spell after Hail). These 2 branches are generally the same, with some small differences. The left branch (Snow attack Route) has spells which deal less damage than the right branch, but is more mp efficient (more damage for mana spent). The right branch (The path of hail) deals slightly more damage at the cost of more mana. It should also be noted that for Majoris, the Left branch is 1 spell longer than the right branch, and will lead to a more powerful multi-hit spell than the right branch. So going the left branch will mean lower damage spells until the end where it balances out, while the right branch is more powerful spells early on.

To learn the spells in the Superior set, you need to have acquired Majoris which is Mastery of spells number 1-15.
Although you may wish to learn various elements at once, it is highly advised that you concentrate on one element, then one branch until you have mastered it. This is because if you choose to diversify into more than 1 element you will learn strong spells at a much slower pace.

Here is the link to information about being a Master of an Element.

Note that in reference to spell numbers, its not simply the number of spells you have learned but the position it has in the spell chart. For example Snow attack is spell no. 3, and Hail is spell no. 4. The order or timing of when you learn the spells is irrelevant to its number.
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Basic strategy: SPELLS
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