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 Basic strategy: STATS

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Basic strategy: STATS Empty
PostSubject: Basic strategy: STATS   Basic strategy: STATS I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 13, 2009 11:06 am

Basic strategy 101 version 1.4 written by Galen.

This stat affects the possibility of achieving maximum damage in any given spell. For example, if a spell says "10-20 damage" then the higher your intelligence the greater the chance of hitting that max of 20 damage. This stat does not increase your maximum damage. It also determines the limits of what spells you can learn. To attain the title of Majoris in any element require a base stat of at least 19, so you should aim to reach this as soon as possible. With the last update a new set of spells were introduced to each element, collectively called Superior. To learn these Superior spells requires a total intelligence of at least 40. However you only need approximately 30/31 to learn the first Superior spell, with the other spells unlocking as you get closer to 40.

This is related how much you are able to resist being paralysed in battle. The higher this stat the harder it is for you to be affected by mobility status effects. Each point of base Endurance also increases your hp by 4.

This is a self-explanatory stat, the higher this is the better your chances of hitting your target.

One of the most important stats, this determines your max mana and mana regeneration rate. As from the update, willpower is also described as affecting max health and health regeneration. Each point invested into willpower grants an extra 5 mana. (Your mana goes up by 10 every level automatically)

It is advised that most players concentrate on Intelligence first, then Willpower and Endurance as your main stats. You need a minimum of 40 base intelligence to learn all spells in the game so this is a priority. Willpower becomes incredibly important later on as spells require large amounts of mana to cast and the ability to cast more spells in combat and regain this mana quickly is essential. There is plenty of equipment which can boost these stats, but it should be noted that you need at least 40 *base* intelligence to learn all spells, and equipment which boost willpower do *not* boost your max mana. Base Endurance is very useful as it gives you much needed health. Extra health becomes important if you plan on doing many coven duels (as well as high level solo duels) as until you get very high resistances many mages will be knocked out of coven duels prematurely due to low health. Marksmanship may seem important early on, but there are plenty of equipment which boost this and the overall Endurance stat (for resisting accuracy and mobility penalties).

However due to the last update debuffs are supposed to have been greatly strengthend. So a decent amount of endurance and marksmanship (several hundreds) may assist you greatly. However there are certain spells which seem to have effects which are unable to be avoided no matter your stats. Currently they are Glowing Eyeballs, Desert Burial and the Vampire ability Teleportation.
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Basic strategy: STATS
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